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The World Ablaze

An Introduction to the Seven Years’ War

Considered to be the first world war, the Seven Years’ War involved nearly every major power in Europe. A war for empire primarily between Great Britain and France and their associated allies, fighting spread around the globe to include Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, the West Indies, and as far away as the Philippines.

An Extraordinary Collection
A one-of-a-kind exhibit, The World Ablaze features incredible artifacts from every theatre of the global conflict. See a Highlander bonnet and American Indian moccasins from North America. Explore the war at sea through exceptionally well-preserved artifacts from the HMS Invincible, sunk off the coast of England in 1758. Learn about the powerful Prussian army that fought in Europe though rare artifacts that made up their military equipment. Ponder elephant trunk armor and chainmail from native forces in India. Realize why fighting occurred in Africa through sets of shackles, and how many African cultures struggled to persist under the institution of slavery. Gaze at the glistening lace on an original British officer’s red coat, one of only a few currently known to exist in the world.