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The Art Gallery

Where history hangs

Glimpse through windows to the past. Fort Ligonier’s exceptional art collection features original works from the 18th and 19th centuries. Learn about the people and events of the global Seven Years’ War and the notable artists who captured this extraordinary era with the stroke of brush.

Highlights of the Collection
Fort Ligonier’s extensive portrait collection includes a spectacular prime original of the fort’s namesake, Lord Ligonier, by the leading artist of the 18th century, Sir Joshua Reynolds, as well as Rembrandt Peale’s romantic portrayal of young George Washington in his Virginia Regiment uniform.

See Edward Penny’s The Death of General Wolfe, the earliest known depiction of Wolfe’s heroic, self-sacrificing victory over the French at the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

New Treasures
For the first time, five 19th century landscape paintings featuring French and Indian War sites in western Pennsylvania are on exhibit at Fort Ligonier. These captivating works of art were created by two landscape artists, Russell Smith and Paul Weber, before photography, urbanization, or industrialization. These historic works are some of the earliest known images of each site. In addition to Fort Ligonier’s exceptional painting collection, the gallery features new historical artifacts. See a stunning silver salver once owned by William Pitt the Elder, which bears his family crest. Learn about the bookmaking process, and how books were considered art in the 18th century.