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The Fort

The sound of artillery shakes the earth. The smell of gunpowder fills the air. Between you and hundreds of French soldiers and French-allied Natives American Indians are the stout wooden walls of a frontier fortress.

Welcome to Fort Ligonier

Never taken. Always fascinating.

The story of Fort Ligonier is the story of early America. This stalwart fortification served as an outpost for the British Empire throughout the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s War. In its time as an active garrison, the fort was never taken. Learn more about this remarkable fortress from a remarkable period in history.

More History

See the defenses that withstood every siege.

Discover the painstakingly recreated fortifications that held off eight years of raids, uprisings, assaults and direct attacks.

Building and Defenses

Risen from the ruins.

Discover how the preservation, reconstruction and restoration of Fort Ligonier brought history back to life.

More About Reconstruction