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Fort Ligonier Spirits Sale

Fort Ligonier Spirits Sale




Fort Ligonier Spirits Sale

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fort Ligonier's new white rum, Queen Charlotte's Courage and St. Clair's Spirits, a Pennsylvania White Rye Whiskey are on sale today at the museum store while supplies last!

Fort Ligonier unveiled the new Queen Charlotte’s Courage Rum – the second in a series of three new distilled beverages, at September’s Cannon Ball. Produced by the award-winning Pittsburgh-based Wigle Whiskey, the rum’s label is inspired by Queen Charlotte in Coronation Robes, Studio of Allan Ramsay, C. 1762-1780 on display at Fort Ligonier museum’s art gallery.

The rum is $50 per 375 ML bottle.

St. Clair’s Spirits, an exclusive white rye whiskey made especially for Fort Ligonier by West Overton Distilling Company is also on sale today. The new whiskey pays tribute to Arthur St. Clair, an aide-de-camp to George Washington, and the first Governor of the Northwest Territory and Westmoreland County’s 250th anniversary.

This is the first time that West Overton Distilling Company has produced a white rye whiskey for another entity and with rye grown entirely at West Overton since the 1800s.

St. Clair’s Spirits is $65 per 375 ML bottle.