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Fort Ligonier offers programs and experiences that are a welcome addition to any homeschool curriculum. From special days planned for homeschool families to everyday opportunities for enrichment, homeschoolers will always find something to enrich their educational journey.

Homeschool Days

Fort Ligonier is excited to host Fall Homeschool Day on Wednesday, September 11, 2019!

Homeschool Days are for all ages and include experiential learning activities. This is a great opportunity for a field trip experience, but also a time to share and network with other homeschool parents and children. We offer special pricing, programs and scheduling. You are also welcome to visit any other time of the year, but hope that you will join us for our designated Homeschool Day events this year.

Fall Homeschool Day – Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Activities run from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, but you are welcome to stay and explore until 4:30.

Advance registration is required.

Registration Options:

  1. Register by mailing the registration form with payment to Fort Ligonier.
  2. Click to register online.

Your family/group will receive a packet with your tickets, schedule, and map upon check-in (9:45-10:00 am).  Each family will be able to select stations based on their family’s needs and ages.  You will have the enough time to attend six of the different activity stations.  Activities are geared for preschool through high school age students, so please read the description below for each activity.  Please follow the start and end times for all activities.

Planned Activity Stations:

Guided Fort Tour (All ages)

Join one of our talented tour guides as they take you through the reconstructed Fort Ligonier and share the story of what happened in 1758. Learn of the daring campaign against Fort Duquesne and how crucial it was to Pennsylvania, America, and THE WORLD!

Guided Museum Tour (All ages)

Have you been to our museum lately? Join our museum professionals and take a tour of the galleries that not only tell the story about this important time in history, but includes exhibits featuring world class artifacts, some that can only be seen here at Fort Ligonier.

Colonial Kids Station (Preschool-Grade 2)

You are never too young to start learning about history! This area allows young children to play and explore through toys, books, and an 18th century kitchen to begin their learning journey about Fort Ligonier and the French and Indian War.

The Science behind the History (Grades 4 and up)

During this station, learners will see science in action as they learn about the science behind the history of the French & Indian War.  Discover what makes the chemistry of gunpowder, what makes the boom in artillery, and how scientific discoveries changed warfare over time.

Medicine of the 18th Century (All ages)

What happened when you got sick or wounded in battle in the 1700s?  What diseases and cures were deadly?  Meet us in the hospital ward of Fort Ligonier to learn about the practices, tools, and supplies of 18th century surgeons and camp nurses.

 Life in a “Mess” (All ages)

No, we are not talking about your bedroom kind of mess!  At Fort Ligonier, a “mess” means the men you lived with in a small canvas tent.  Visit this station to learn what it was like to live in an 18th century military tent with five other men.

 Design and Build a Fort (All ages)

Did you know Fort Ligonier has three different types of wall construction?  Learn about the design and construction of Fort Ligonier and then apply your knowledge as you design and build a fortification of your own.

 Meet the Cordwainer (All ages)

How were shoes made 250 years ago, before modern factories and assembly lines? Meet Brett Walker, an 18th century boot and shoemaker to see how it was done.